Changes to Liverpool PREVENT Referral Pathway

The Liverpool PREVENT Referral Pathway for individuals who are believed to be vulnerable to or at risk of radicalisation has changed.

PREVENT is a safeguarding function. As such, the local authority has a duty and obligation to prevent and stop any abuse or neglect and ensure that all vulnerable adults or children are appropriately safeguarded.

Before the establishment of this new referral pathway, Liverpool PREVENT referrals were made solely and directly to Counter Terrorism (CT) Policing.

The new referral pathway ensures that local authority staff are made aware of any PREVENT referrals at the same time as CT Policing colleagues. In this way, associated safeguarding risks can be assessed at the first point of contact.  

Local authority staff are responsible for assessing and addressing the safeguarding risk. CT Police colleagues are responsible for the assessment and management of the Counter-Terrorism (CT) Risk.

There are links below to the new PREVENT referral form and a document about ‘How to make a PREVENT referral’, which contains information specifically about the referral of children and their perceived level of need.

All Liverpool PREVENT referrals (as of 04/03/21) should now be made using this pathway.  

For further information, please contact Declan Sammin, Prevent Engagement Officer, Liverpool City Council T: 0151 233 0343  M 07394559105

 [email protected]

Liverpool PREVENT Referral Form

How Do I Make A Referral