RoATP Re-registration

GMLPF is aware that members have been increasingly invited, since October 2021, to re-register on the RoATP.

Members who were invited to re-register earlier in the year, i.e. September and October, have been reporting that ESFA has been contacting them for clarification on points, i.e. numbers of FTE staff, details of employers engaged etc.

We are keen to establish and then share with members the full range of questions and issues raised by ESFA. To that end, if you have already re-registered and have received any questions, might you e-mail [email protected] answering the following:

  1. When was your deadline for registration?
  2. Have you received any communication from ESFA after re-registering?
  3. What questions have been raised by ESFA? (Please list all questions)
  4. Have the questions asked by ESFA been straightforward and easy to respond to? Do you feel the questions asked by the ESFA were covered in the original RoATP guidance, or are requesting information that was not covered in the guidance?

We plan to maintain a register of questions and share these with members, so any feedback from members would be both appreciated and useful