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Steve Carr: Trainer for PIF Suicide First Aid programme

We are very proud to be working with Steve Carr of Mind Canyon to offer Suicide First Aid training to LCR learning providers. Accredited by City & Guilds, this online one-day course is available through GMLPF’s PIF programme, in conjunction with the Liverpool City Region Mayoral Combined Authority. Free to eligible learning providers, the course is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and Strategic Investment Fund (SIF).

Here is Steve’s personal bio:

Steve Carr: Mental Health First Aid, Workplace Well-being & Suicide First Aid Facilitator.

In April of 2015, I completed a challenge to walk one end of Britain to the other; this was after experiencing a mental health breakdown in the workplace. The challenge was an attempt to raise awareness for mental health and homelessness whilst also being in recovery and homeless myself.

I did this to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, poor mental health and how easy it was to lose everything and become homeless when we don’t ask for help. I walked and ran a total of 1000 miles, documenting my journey via blogs and vlogs a group called I created on Facebook called “Mindcanyon” that had over 11,000 followers and members.

My challenge attracted the attention of the national media.

I was interviewed in Cumbria on ITV news and then again when I returned by BBC just before walking to Downing Street to visit the then Prime Minister David Cameron to hand-deliver report about my findings on the failings in the mental health system.

I’ve been working hard ever since that walk to establish a legacy for my challenge through qualifying as a mental health first aid and suicide first aid trainer. I do this by giving talks in workplaces and continuing my work on social media as an advocate for mental health and the importance of asking for help, early intervention and taking a more holistic approach to recovery.

I work independently as a mental health trainer and as an associate trainer for mental health charities, including Grassroots and Mind.

If you would like me to deliver a talk, mental health or suicide first aid training to the people in your organisation, drop me an email…


Web www.mindcanyon.co.uk

Email [email protected]