PIF Tender Opportunity UTN 21: Ensuring provider leaders & managers are clear about roles & responsibilities

As a follow on from the popular PIF Quality Assurance Bootcamps, GMLPF wishes to procure a customised Leaders and Managers programme for a single local Apprenticeship provider. This tender is designed to build upon the delivery of the initial Bootcamp and target Leaders and Managers in the organisation.

This day-long intensive CPD programme will boost leaders’ and managers’ understanding of the focus and process of inspection. It will stretch and challenge them and identify improvements that need to be made.

Our intention is that the Leaders and Managers programme will:

  • Be inclusive and involve a wider cross-section of personnel than might usually have been the case in the past – enabling a whole or cross-organisation approach to quality and,
  • Build a better understanding of the EIF across the whole Leadership and Management team in the provider
  • Be stretching and challenging and help highlight areas where quality improvement is required
  • Provide an in-depth insight into the Education Inspection Framework (highlighting the fundamental changes from the last framework with a specific focus on the deep dive and reflecting any updates published by Ofsted in 2021)
  • Assist participants to challenge perceptions and support greater self-reflection, understand the shift in focus and approach to inspection and drive forward and improve internal quality assurance arrangements.

The CPD will ensure that the training on offer adds value to the initial Bootcamp that was focused on trainers but which targets Leaders and Managers in the organisation, enabling them to work more closely and effectively with delivery teams, to improve the quality of Apprenticeship delivery and support long term growth.

GMLPF is looking to commission suitable organisations with relevant experience to deliver a targeted Leaders and Managers programme that takes into account different levels of knowledge about Apprenticeships, Inspection and Quality Assurance across the Leadership and Management team.

Please download the tender documentation for further information.

Deadline: 3rd May 2022 at 5 pm

Tender documentation:

PIF TENDER UTN 21 Leaders & Managers Roles & Responsibilities

PIF Tender RESPONSE UTN 21 Leaders & Managers Roles & Responsibilities


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