Webinar: Improving Quality of Maths and English in Apprenticeships – 5 Reasons Not To Miss

The teaching of English and Maths is at the core of education in the UK. Despite this, many young people leave school without these fundamental skills, certainly not at the level employers expect. Providers of apprenticeships and other training programmes have a key role to play in improving the standard of Maths and English in school leavers and other individuals.


Pressure on Providers

Many learners start their journeys with skills providers worrying about the Maths and English components of apprenticeships, traineeships and study programmes. If they’ve had negative experiences at school, they can feel the subject matter is beyond them. This increases the pressure on our members to deliver these subjects in creative and fresh ways that ease anxiety and change learners’ attitudes. In addition, providers have to ensure that they teach these skills in ways that are relevant to industry sectors, whilst getting learners into the habit of revision if they’re sitting GCSEs. All these factors add up to a considerable challenge which we hope this webinar will help address.


5 reasons to sign up to our webinar

Here’s four reasons to sign up to our webinar on Improving The Quality of English and Maths in Apprenticeships:

  1. No decrease in flow of school leavers with poor English and Maths skills
    Investing time and resources into developing a well-tuned formula for teaching of English and Maths that delivers results will pay off in the long run. Liverpool City Region attainment levels for English and Maths is below average and there is unlikely to be a decrease in the flow of school leavers with poor skills in this area.
  2. Help increase competitiveness of Liverpool City Region and prosperity for all
    English and Maths achievement ranks highly in the LCR Skills Strategy and Skills Statement 2019/20. As a region, we need to raise standards of English and Maths to improve productivity, competitiveness, and economic success. With the City Region lagging behind others regions, The Combined Authority is commissioning a Skills For Growth Action plan for Maths and English to crystallise issues and pinpoint actions.
  3. Ofsted scrutinise English and Maths teaching
    All skills providers can expect to be scrutinised by Ofsted on effectiveness of teaching in these subjects, and this will also include looking at how leadership and management impacts on strategy and delivery. Ofsted report that providers still have some way to go to get this right. They say poorer performing providers are not ensuring that Maths and English topics relate to everyday life, the world of work and apprentices’ vocational areas. This is what they look for during inspections
  4. Learn from others
    Often, the best approach to developing successful strategies is to explore what others have done. Our webinar will look at different models for the delivery of English and Maths, gathered from provider case studies, and give you the opportunity to explore which might work for your organisation.
  5. Beej Kaczmarczyk hosting webinar
    An experienced consultant and trainer in the post-16 education and training sector, Beej has extensive experience as a senior manager in FE colleges, schools and the private sector. An acknowledged expert in education funding policy, leadership and management development, curriculum development and vocational education, he has delivered training previously for GMLPF members.
LCR providers leading the way

GMLPF CEO, Ian Lomas says:

“We want to support our members to raise the quality and effectiveness of English and Maths teaching. They are central to study programmes, traineeships and apprenticeships, so it’s important we explore and develop strategies and practices that ensure success. We want to help Liverpool City Region skills providers starting leading the way in innovation and effectiveness in this critical area.”

The webinar runs at 11am on Wednesday 24th October and costs £39 for GMLPF members and £79 for non-members. This competitively priced offer is a cost-effective way of developing essential skills in staff. The event is the first of a series that have been organised in partnership with Beej Kaczmarczyk of e-memoir who will steer the webinar by exploring different delivery models. You will also be provided with case study examples of best practice.

All providers who deliver apprenticeships to levy and non-levy paying employers will find the seminar useful. It will also be of interest to traineeship and study programme providers. You are encouraged to prepare some questions in advance of what promises to be a lively and engaging webinar. 

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