GMLPF Apprenticeship Reform Implementation Planning Group

BIS recently published the 11 standards developed by the 8 Phase 1 trailblazers, and the co-investment and payment rates for these standards. Despite a lack of fine detail, there is enough substance to warrant setting up GMLPF’s Apprenticeship Reform Implementation Planning Group. The Apprenticeship Reform Implementation Planning Group, will have a broad remit and in time, we envisage a number of sub groups developing. Activity and outcomes resulting from this group will be fed through to the Liverpool City Region Impact Assessment Group. The group will be principally consist of GMLPF members, providing them with a voice and a vehicle for contributing to shaping the local landscape post-reforms.

North West regional employer consultation

The Government’s consultation period for the Technical Consultation on their proposed Apprenticeships Funding Reform ended on 1st May. GMLPF, along with everyone else involved with the Apprenticeships programme, is keenly awaiting the findings of the consultation.

GMLPF, working with North West Providers Network, coordinated a campaign to inform employers in Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester and Merseyside how they would be directly affected by the proposed changes, and encouraging them to respond to the consultation. Thanks to the campaign facilitated through the region’s training providers, including GMLPF members:

  • 456 North West employers responded to the consultation (174 from Merseyside)
  • 85% of respondents said proposed changes would reduce number of apprentices they recruit
  • 81.5% said proposed changes were not an improvement on existing arrangements


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