Commitment pays off for Hattie

Hattie finds rewarding employment thanks to Traineeships and Apprenticeships training and support from GMLPF member, Fit UK.

22 year old Hattie O’Neill was keen to start a career in the fitness industry, and was referred to Fit UK. They placed her on a 16 week Traineeship in health and fitness which led to a level 2 qualification in fitness instruction, employability skills and job search qualifications, as well as functional skills in maths and English.

Work experience

As part of the Traineeship, Hattie undertook work experience in the health and fitness department at the Toxteth Fit Fire Hub. She really made the most of the opportunity, proving to be a valuable team member, popular with staff and gym members. This lead to the offer of a permanent job at the Hub which Hattie proudly accepted.


Whilst working, Hattie is continuing to develop her skills on an Advanced Apprenticeship in Personal Training with Fit UK.

Lisa Smith who is the Duty Manager and Youth Lead at the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub said

“From the start Hattie showed great potential and had a great rapport with our members. She is a very motivated young lady who inspires others to reach their full potential. Due to her commitment and popularity we were pleased to offer Hattie a permanent position facilitating sports activity at our centre. I am very proud to have Hattie join my team as I have no doubt that she will encourage others to follow in her footsteps”.

Fantastic opportunity

Hattie says: “I can’t thank FIT UK enough for putting their faith in me and giving me this fantastic opportunity. I am really enjoying the Advanced Apprenticeship and working at the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub. The staff are fantastic and it’s great to be part of the team.”