Digital training and funding

The Combined Authority has secured some funding from DfE to provide intensive training in digital skills for recently unemployed people or people at risk. GMLPF is looking to hold a members’ webinar on this programme in early September as part of a calendar of events to promote local opportunities for providers.

The LCR CA have a proposal under development to provide both digital skills and general employability skills, written and spoken communication, and general employability competencies.

To help focus the programme, the LCR CA has pulled together a survey, the purpose of which is to gauge interest in the testing of employer-led digital bootcamps and other technical skills training, get a clearer picture of the job vacancy market requiring digital and technical skills in the City Region (from September 2020), and gauge whether employers would be interested in participating in the project.

Please take the time to share or complete the survey

If members would like to know more about this programme then please contact Ian at [email protected] or on the phone at 07840 378218

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