ESF Update

Members might be aware that the ESFA launched two ESF co-financed tenders via their e-tending portal earlier this week; one for ESF Community Grants and one for Supply of Support to Individuals Who are NEET. The deadline for these is tight – mid September 2018.

GMLPF is consulting with local stakeholders and partners to discuss a potential consortium proposal that would clearly align ESF resources with mainstream provision to help address the issue of increasing NEET locally.

Members will also note that Skills Support for the Unemployed (SSU) and Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) tenders have also been launched by the ESFA for neighbouring areas and other parts of England but not for the Liverpool City Region.

The LCR Combined Authority is considering how best to take these two programmes forward in light of the evolving devolution agenda, including the devolution of the AEB budget next year. GMLPF will continue to update members as and when details emerge

ESF Co-Financed NEET Project

Members can find out more information about this tender by downloading the files below:

Specification Invitation to Tender NEET

Response Questionnaire IP 1.1 1.2 2.1 v0.3

SSQ 6.3 Track record Response Questionnaire FOR IP.1.1 1.2 2.1

Volumes and Values Workbook IP 1.2 NEET

GMLPF is currently talking to stakeholders and the MCA to understand if there is value in forming a delivery consortium. Initial suggestions are that this may be the case. Any organisations wishing to know more can e-mail or phone on 0151 707 8775 or 07840 378218