ESFA Provider Recovery Scheme: Round Two

The ESFA launched its Provider Relief Scheme late last week. To be eligible to receive support from the scheme you must hold a direct contract that was procured as a service under Public Contract Regulations 2015. This applies to apprenticeship contracts for services that commenced in January 2018, for delivery to smaller employers that do not pay the levy (non-levy), and adult education budget contracts for services that commenced in November 2017.

The Provider Relief Scheme will provide financial support over the period July to October 2020. Organisations who were unsuccessful in bidding into the scheme in Round 1 may still be eligible for support.

Eligibility Criteria

In addition to holding an eligible contract you will be required to meet the following conditions:

  • 2018 to 2019 qualification achievement rates which are above 40%. However, providers with rates below that can submit an exceptional case that they are a critical supplier based on niche provision. Further information on the criteria for exception cases can be found in the application guidance
  • Have submitted their latest financial accounts to the ESFA where these are due by 19 June 2020
  • Not been judged by Ofsted as making insufficient progress as a result of a new provider monitoring visit which resulted in a suspension on new starts
  • Delivered under the contract prior to April 2020
  • Continue to plan to deliver learning under the contract in July, August, September and October 2020, and demonstrate the ability to continue to deliver without additional support from November
  • You have not furloughed the staff required to deliver the contract (you are eligible to apply to the Relief Scheme if staff are fully or partially withdrawn from any claim for furlough if such a claim has been made when they return to work); and
  • Not received a notice of termination from the ESFA either terminate the provider’s AEB or non-levy contract
  • Training providers who are delivering deliver apprenticeships to smaller employers (non-levy) and who have a contract with ESFA, must also be listed on the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP) as a main provider.

Only training providers who meet the scheme criteria will be eligible to receive support under the Relief Scheme. If a training provider in receipt of support from the Relief Scheme no longer meets the criteria, they will cease to be eligible.

Providers will need to demonstrate that they have a need for the funding requested in order to maintain capacity within their organisations to support learners and respond to economic recovery. They will also need to explain how they are going to update and change delivery models to operate without further relief from November 2020.

Please note: the deadline for applications is midnight 9th July.

GMLPF will review the documentation provide and run a short webinar as we did with Round 1 on Wednesday 1st July at 2pm. To attend this webinar, please join from the link within the GMLPF e-bulletin sent on 29th June.


View additional information on the scheme on Government website