Metro Mayor announces travel discount for apprentices aged 19 to 24

Last week, the Metro Mayor announced that 19-24 year olds will be able to secure a discount on bus fares with effect from the Autumn. The Combined Authority has begun to design the process by which this will operate and would like to obtain feedback and opinions from ITPs. The operation of the scheme is likely to be linked to the three way apprenticeship agreement that is completed by learning providers,  employers and individuals.

The Combined Authority has extended an invite to a process consultation meeting at 11am on Monday 23 July 2018 to work this up in more detail. GMLPF will attend and there is scope for 2 other members to attend. I am sure members will welcome this proposal as it will help remove potential barriers to participation. It is also an opportunity for our members to help shape the scheme. Anybody interested in attending should contact Ian at GMLPF (0151 707 8775 or  There will be some documents sent out beforehand which will be the focus for the discussion.