Final guidance on Apprenticeship Reforms released

The Government has now released the final guidance on the changes to the Apprenticeship programme that it has been consulting on over the past few years.


Following consultation and pressure from the sector, the Government has made some concessions including:

  • Allowing levy paying employers 24 months to use levy contributions instead of 18 months
  • An extra 20% for providers of the funding band limit to support the training of 16-18 year old apprenticeships
  • £60m available in the transitional first year for providers to support training of those from the most disadvantaged areas
  • Watering down of the proposals on the new Register for Training Providers to allow sub-contracting to continue in its current form for those with less than £100,000 worth of delivery

GMLPF will be doing some analysis and guidance for members in the coming week or so.

Links to the latest guidance including funding rules can be found below:

Apprenticeship changes
Draft funding rules

Urgent for all providers

All providers must take note that the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers is now open. If you want to be involved in the delivery of Apprenticeships from May 2017 it is crucial that you look at the application process guidance that is now available via the link below.

Webinars: Register Now for more Reform updates

GMLPF’s next webinar will summarise what we know about the Register and the registration process. If you are not already booked on, you can do so via the link below

November webinar

2nd November 2016

December webinar

6th December 2016
This will revisit the Levy and Apprenticeship Funding guidance now that the final information has been released.