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The Government’s current Apprenticeships Funding Reform Technical Consultation sets out a core model for handing over purchasing power to employers implemented either through PAYE or an Apprenticeship Credit. The current provider payment model which constituted one of the 3 original options in earlier stages of the consultation has now been dropped.

GMLPF is committed to supporting its members, many of whom will be directly affected by the Government’s new proposals for Apprenticeships funding reform.

This page contains resources for use by members when briefing their staff and any employers who will also be directly affected by the proposed reforms. Scroll down to view all the resources.

Employer Consultation

GMLPF members: please make sure you encourage as many employers as possible to respond to the Government’s consultation on Apprenticeships Funding Reform . The closing date for receipt of responses is 1st May 2014. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Brief employers on how they will be affected by the proposed reforms. Use the employer information sheet to help you undertake the briefing.

Step 2: Ask employers to download the national Consultation Documentation and complete it, preferably electronically. Please ask employers to address any concerns they have over the proposed reforms in question 23. Please refer to the employer information sheet for more information on answering question 23.

Step 3: Once completed, ask employers to email the Consultation Documentation back to as required, but also to copy you into the email as their learning provider

Step 4: Forward all the copies you receive from your employers onto who will be collating the number of regional employer responses on behalf of North West Provider Network

Step 5: Ask your employer to also to complete the local 5 question employer survey online. This will enable GMLPF to collate statistics on employer views.

Essential links:

Government’s Consultation Documentation on Apprenticeships Reform

 Local 5 question employer survey (online version)

Local 5 question employer survey (print version) If using the print version rather than online, please complete, scan & email

Download employer information sheet Useful for briefing employers


Current and proposed funding models

A visual comparison of the current Apprenticeship funding model and the proposed funding model. This document has been produced in association with NWPN and is being shared with learning providers across the North West.

Download 2014 and 2016 funding models: a visual comparison


Presentation: GMLPF Apprenticeships Funding Review Briefing for members 25th March 2014

This may be of use to members for internal staff briefings


Video: getting employers to respond to the Consultation

A video briefing from Paul Holme, chair of North West Provider Network



BL Training complaint letter

The director of BL Training in the North East has written a formal complaint to the BIS and is inviting others to read the letter and add their name and support to it. Those who are agree with the statements in the letter and wish to support it shoud email with their name, position in company, company name and email address. BL Training will then put together a petition with all names and send it with the letter as a collective complaint.

BL Training complaint letter to BIS


AELP have Apprenticeships Reform resources on their website which are available for download. This includes useful briefing papers and parliamentary newsletters about the key issues

AELP Apprenticeships Reform resources