GMLPF consults with members and partners on way forward

GMLPF has just completed a consultation with past and present members, potential members, stakeholders and partner organisations.

GMLPF has been in operation for almost 12 years in a sector that is experiencing significant change. Both the Board and new Chief Executive James Glendenning felt that it was appropriate to take stock. The consultation focussed on perceptions of GMLPF, whether its role and range of activities is fully understood, how the organisation might develop in future, and new opportunities on the horizon.

The consultation exercise took the form of

–       Development, dissemination and collation of an e-survey to members past and present

–       Focus groups with members of the GMLPF

–       1-1 interviews and discussions with members

–       1-1 interviews with key stakeholders

–       1-1 interviews with other partners

–       Consultation with non-members

The findings of the report are currently being collated into a final report which will be presented to the Board and Chief Executive next week. Key findings and recommendations will be shared with members and highlighted on the GMLPF website.

Chief Executive, James Glendenning outlines the reasoning behind commissioning the consultation:

“GMLPF and its members operate in a complex landscape with ever-shifting parameters. It’s vital that we keep abreast of our members’ changing needs to ensure our services are really of benefit to them. Our priorities are to position GMLPF to support our members as they deal with change, and to take up opportunities that will directly benefit them. We cannot do this without first gathering the views of those members and also from key stakeholders in our sector. I look forward to sharing the results of the consultation with members early in the new year.”

The consultation was carried out by Community Concepts.