GMLPF COVID-19 Communications Campaigns

GMLPF is running two communication campaigns relating to COVID19:

Campaign 1: Don’t Wash Your Hands Of Apprentices









This campaign is designed to encourage businesses who employ apprentices to keep them employed or furloughed. Please note that the support available from Government will be backdated to 1 March and operational for 3 months initially. It will pay 80% of staff wage costs including apprentices. If apprentices are on minimum wage the employer will be required to make up the difference.

Furloughing is a short term option but is the best for all parties because:

  • it provides financial support for employers to retain staff
  • apprentices can continue to receive training from the provider (they can use the downtime to deliver learning, much of it virtual or online learning, and maintain contact with the learner to provide support and help safeguard them)
  • for the provider it means that they can continue to operate, deliver learning and drawing down income.

Making apprentices redundant or putting them on a break in learning helps nobody.

We urge members to participate in this campaign by:

  • sharing our posts on social media
  • speaking to your employers about avoiding apprentice redundancies or breaks in learning


Campaign 2: Don’t Pull The Plug on Apprenticeship Providers










The aim of this campaign is to lobby Government for the same financial support for Apprenticeship providers that has been given to other parts of the further education and skills sector. It is about levelling up support and ensuring equality and parity.

The Government’s proposed funding model for Apprenticeship providers may force many to furlough staff and mothball their operations. This means that large numbers of apprentices will go on breaks in learning. Because of Covid-19 it is increasingly difficult to engage new starts, support the existing cohort of learners because of work restrictions and to help learners complete their Apprenticeship. As a result, income is drying up.

GMLPF is asking Government to provide profile funding to facilitate a guaranteed level of cash flow to help maintain operations. We have already lobbied the LCR’s 16 MPs to support this. If providers mothball operations it could take a significant period of time to get back to normality. This will result in employers and learners becoming disillusioned with the brand. The disruption will cause providers significant financial, staffing and delivery issues. Simply, it is better to provide the same level of support on offer to other providers to those delivering Apprenticeships.

Please support our campaign by:

  • lobbying your MP for a change to the Government’s funding policy for Apprenticeships
  • sharing our posts on social media