GMLPF to launch Mental Health project

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and GMLPF continues to talk to members who feedback that they are working with increasing numbers of learners with mental health issues. Members also report the need for increased and targeted CPD in this area. As a result, GMLPF is looking to arrange a series of CPD events,both generic and targeted, to improve our members’ capacity and capability to support learners.

Place2Be ( has recently published a piece of research that argues for mental health services and support to be offered to primary school pupils and makes a case for the investment in this area. There are clear messages from this report and others recently that improved mental, as well as physical, health support and services has significant, long term benefits and can help learners remain in learning and achieve.

GMLPF convened a meeting recently with members to look at this theme and it is looking at taking forward a development project in this area.