Impact of Apprenticeship Reforms update 2/3/18

In her recent webinar, Anne Milton shared her belief that the acquisition of new standards will pick up pace with the number of Apprenticeship starts following suit.

In contrast, data published last week highlighted that only 27,000 individuals started an Apprenticeship in November (All Ages All Levels) in England, significantly lower than the level of starts in September (61,300) and October (37,000).

Locally, GMLPF through its Health and Social Care Forum, has been mapping out with members the impact of Apprenticeship reforms on starts in the health and social care sector, over a 15 month period spanning November 2016-January 2018. This is an ongoing piece of work and a snapshot of the data generated currently reveals the following:

  • Volatility
    The market has been highly volatile since Feb 17 with huge demand in March and April 17 and then again in December 17 – these dates preceding the introduction of the reforms in May 17 and new Standards being introduced in January 18
  • Downward trend in starts
    There is a general downward trend in the number of starts. Over the 15 month period an average of 66 individuals started an Apprenticeship each month. The average for the first 4 months of the period covered by the survey was 68.75. Over the period May to October 17 the average number of starts each month was 20. Over the period May 17 to January 2018 it was 33 which is, in broad terms, a 50% reduction in the number of starts.