LCR Explore

Members are aware of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority developing an online course directory, LCR Explore,  for local residents that will enable them to undertake searches of learning provision locally and produce a  bespoke learning prospectus.

The Combined Authority have developed a very interactive and easy to use tool that drags information across from the NCS Course Directory. The link to the tool is

This  project, part funded from local ESF resources, is due to be launched in February 2019. Ahead of the launch date, I would like members to visit the site which is easy to navigate, look at it and establish if you have a presence on the site ie type in your name and see if it recognised and also see whether the range of provision listed there reflects your current delivery and what is held on the NCS Course Directory.

The LCR Explore portal will become a very local and useful as well as free means of promoting your provision, what ever programme it might be, to learners of all ages locally. Could I ask you to verify that your NCS Course Directory is up to date  by close of play on Tuesday 5 February 2019 and see if the information held on LCR Explore reads across and corresponds.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to let us know. We can pick them up with the Combined Authority who we have spoken to about holding a specific training session to introduce you to the tool; looking at how you need to upload information on to the Course Directory and how you might use LCR Explore yourself.