List of Declared Subcontractors

ESFA requires all primes to publish details of sub-contracted provision where contracts exceed £100,000. This includes individual contract values. ESFA has recently published a list of these Declared Sub-Contractors (LoDS). Some primes have opted to list all their sub-contracted provision, not just contracts above £100,000. The LoDS provides details of sub-contracted provision pre- and post May 2017.

Accuracy issues

There have been rumours of inaccuracies on the LoDS so members who are listed are advised to verify their data. Please feed any issues through to


Data on the LoDS suggests that in Liverpool City Region 

  • only small numbers of local organisations or primes are sub-contracting provision
  • where they do it is below the £100,000 threshold
  • most provision that is sub-contracted to organisations locally is by primes outside the NW

Following a tightening of sub-contracting guidance, there would appear to be a significant reduction in the levels of sub-contracting nationally post May 2017 which feedback from members would support.

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