Liverpool City Region NEET Strategy

“Inspiring, Engaging and Progressing”

LCC have published a draft pre-consultation document which was discussed at a workshop on Monday 3rd December and then at the Liverpool Provider Network on Wednesday 5th December. GMLPF is providing feedback to LCC in advance of the document formally being shared in the New Year.

The draft strategy is focused on reducing levels of NEET locally (currently 12%) to the Core Cities average (currently 8%). This equates to approximately 360 young people.

The strategy is based on 5 Pillars for Change:

  • Prevention and Early Intervention
  • Appropriate Referrals
  • Outstanding Curriculum
  • Effective Transition and Relevant Progression
  • Positive Impact on Young People

GMLPF has already fed back to LCC that in broad terms the strategy needs to address the need for system change. The aspirations of the Council cannot be achieved if the current contracting and funding model remains in place. It does not maximise funding for learners in the city region and ensure a smooth transition from school into learning. In addition, we have said that the strategy needs to feature lobbying for greater freedoms and flexibiity and a link to raising achievement rates, particularly English and Maths for school leavers.

GMLPF will be coordinating a response to the strategy when the final draft is produced and shared in January.