Members identify GMLPF priorities for coming 12 months

As part of its programme of member engagement, GMLPF took the opportunity to speak to members at the AGM about what we do well, what we could do better and what our priorities should be over the coming 12 months. 

What we do well

Members recognise the value of GMLPF in raising the profile of learning providers, flagging up concerns and representing them. GMLPF has made advances in last few months in supporting a greater flow of relevant information and engaging members into a wider policy debate.

What we could do better

Members were clear about the challenges facing them and felt that GMLPF could facilitate more networking between members, including a buddying system that provides peer review and support, more networking activity and more CPD activity to ensure that members remain “one step ahead of the game.”

Members saw value in there being more frequent networking opportunities and the development of a number of forums including a DARA forum.

Priorities over next 12 months

A clear priority for members is better understanding and shaping the devolution agenda in particular the AEB programme and preparing for the introduction of T-Levels. Taking forward activities that support the development and delivery of Study Programme and Apprenticeships  Linked to the need for more CPD members indicated that a key priority for the coming year must be developing the capacity and capability of members to respond to mental health issues.