NEET updates

GMLPF CEO, Ian Lomas, attended two meetings last week that explored the issue of NEET across the Liverpool City Region:

PASS Officers (14-19) LCR Network
This meeting provides a forum for GMLPF and PASS Officers to discuss issues that may support or inhibit actions to reduce NEET. A central theme of the discussions was the increasing move away from sub-contracting arrangements. This is increasingly leading to a consolidation of contracts in a small number of prime contract holders resulting in an increasing number of sub-contractors looking for other primes to host their provision. This is proving extremely difficult to achieve and there is the risk that there is insufficient provision, of the right type and in the right areas, to enable learners to be engaged and for partners across the LCR to reduce NEET. The fact that the LCR is failing to fill all Study Programme places and draw down funding in full is an indication that the mix of provision and the way it is contracted may need to be reviewed.

GMLPF has been working with ESFA and individual local authorities to review how some excellent sub-contracted provision might be retained locally to ensure that we don’t lose providers and provision and reduce learner choice.


Liverpool City Council NEET Strategy Workshop
GMLPF was invited to attend a small workshop with Liverpool City Council and representatives of LASH, Merseyside Youth Association and City of Liverpool College. Liverpool City Council is keen to develop a NEET Strategy that supports both the LCR Skills Strategy and LCC’s Inclusive Growth Strategy. This workshop will precede a wider programme of consultation on developing a NEET Strategy and looked at where LCC stands in terms of NEET Levels,  general principles for moving forward and working together. Ian will be contacting individual members who have Study Programme contracts to update them on this workshop.