NW Further Education and Skills Group

GMLPF represents local providers on this group, which met for the first time w/c 16th November since December 2019.

Members will be interested to learn that Paul Cocker, now a Senior HMI, has joined the NW Ofsted team. The meeting gave Ofsted an opportunity to update FES providers on their work programme currently. During the period September to December 2020, Ofsted plan to

  • Undertake 38 interim visits to providers across the NW – to date some 20 or so visits have taken place. Approximately 5 of these have taken place locally involving visits to FE Colleges and Independent Training Providers
  • Visit all grade 3 and 4 providers and undertaking a sample of visits to Grade 1 and 2 providers who will be selected randomly
  • Roll out interim visits virtually until the 2nd December (unless the Government extend lockdown) when they will resume on a face-to-face basis. Currently, interim visits are undertaken by two HMIs and run between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • Drawing together all the findings from the interim visits into a national research paper to highlight how the sector has adapted and managed Covid

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