Accelerated Programme Led Pathways

GMLPF manages this programme in retail, business admin, hospitality & catering, customer service and early years care which enables young people to develop technical skills before entering apprenticeships. The pilot stage resulted in 70% of learners going onto an apprenticeship. The programme now has 95 participants and by March 2010 aims to have helped 150 young people who are not currently employed or training, into a pre-apprenticeship course.

A recent Ofsted inspection of this programmer resulted in the award of level 2 (Good). Some of the comments Ofsted made were as follows:

– Learners develop excellent skills valued by employers – Ofsted 09

– Learners feel safe and demonstrate good, safe working practices. Learners health and safety awareness is good and this is reinforced during the programme and on placements” – Ofsted 09

-Outcomes for Learners are good – Ofsted Oct 09
Work-based learning providers involved in this project are Asset, Joint Learning, Alder Training and Sysco.

For furher information on this project, please contact Joanne Rymer

Capital of Culture Badged Apprenticeships

GMLPF oversaw this ESF funded project enabling apprentices in retail, hospitality and leisure to enhance their learning with creative training. By the end of the project, over 100 young people undertook comprehensive creative training in fields such as radio, TV and film production.

For more information view the archived Badged Apprenticeships site.

Hairdressing Forum Peer Group Review

Working closely with QIA, GMLPF and Merseyside Hairdressing Forum (MHF) are facilitating the integration of the Framework for Excellence into providers’ processes for self assessment. A working group of providers has already observed and fed back on each others’ delivery of learning. The next stage is to addressmanagement and leadership and its impact on company development.

Invest to Change

GMLPF is working with partners to train providers in the recruitment and support of learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. This involves running seminars, developing reference materials and enabling the sharing of good practice.

For more information on this groundbreaking project and to view the resources that have been developed visit
Invest To Change

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