Provider Improvement Fund (PIF) Opportunity: Project Management Support

As part of the ESF and SIF funded Provider Improvement Fund project, GMLPF has secured some funding to provide some project management support. Initially, and to help drive the project forward and gather momentum initially, GMLPF is looking to appoint somebody (possibly on secondment, somebody who is a freelance or self-employed) on a contract basis, buying in a bank of days support. A second role may take the form of an individual being appointed on a fixed-term basis for 12 months.

Whilst this opportunity will be disseminated more widely via local networks and social media we would be grateful if you could share this amongst your own networks to help us promote and gather interest in the role.

All the documentation for the Provider Improvement Fund (PIF) Project Management Support Opportunity Ref UTN S1 is available below:

PIF Tender Description UTN S1

PIF Tender Response Documentation UTN S1

PIF Tender References UTN S1

PIF Tender Evaluation Methodology UTN S1

The closing date is 21st July 2021.