Provider Improvement Fund (PIF) Opportunity: Governance Training

As part of the launch of the Provider Improvement Fund which is funded by ESF and SIF, Greater Merseyside Learning Providers’ Federation wishes to procure the services of a training organisation to deliver a bespoke Peer Governance training programme for a small group of providers based in the Liverpool City Region.

In recent years, culminating in the publication of Ofsted’s EIF, there has been a much greater emphasis on Independent Learning Providers putting in place robust governance arrangements that provide both scrutiny and challenge and ensure that the provider is delivering high quality and relevant learning programmes.

Locally, a small group of learning providers have collaborated to take forward a peer governance model. Specifically, through this tender, GMLPF wishes to procure a focused, challenging and stimulating yet intensive ie ½ day CPD programme for those LCR based learning providers involved in the peer governance project and support them to access bespoke training that will enable them to effectively fulfil their governor roles and support the learning providers that they are working with.

All documentation for this tender can be downloaded below:

PIF Tender UTN 2 Governance Training

PIF Tender Response UTN 2 Governance Training

PIF Tender References UTN 2

PIF Tender Evaluation Methodology UTN 2

Closing date: 5pm 21st July 2021