Subcontracting Consultation Workshops

GMLPF is organising three small provider workshops, to be held at GMLPF’s Offices to consider the ESFA Subcontracting Consultation. The three events are designed to talk around the rationale for the subcontracting consultation, provide early-stage feedback from ESFA on each of the proposals (drawing upon the first 100 or so responses), discuss issues and develop a response to the consultation.

The three workshops are taking place on the following days:

24th February @ 12.30 – 2.00: Subcontracting and Sports Provision BOOK NOW 

2nd March @ 12.00 – 1.30: Subcontracting – the Subcontractor’s perspective BOOK NOW

4th March @ 12.00-1.30: Subcontracting – the Prime perspective BOOK NOW