GMLPF funds online screening tool to help identify dyslexic students

GMLPF is funding a free online screening tool to help identify dyslexic students. Dyslexia Check is a collaboration between the international charity, Dyslexia Foundation, and Liverpool-based training provider tpm, both pioneers in the field of dyslexia identification and support. tpm, one of GMLPF’s longest standing members, is arguably Merseyside’s leading training provider in this arena. The new service is funded and supported by the GMLPF Challenge Fund, a £200K initiative to support skills development across Liverpool City region.

Specialist support

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people in the UK have dyslexia, with many going through life undiagnosed. Individuals who do not have their dyslexia diagnosed miss out on specialist support which can enable them to overcome barriers to personal and professional success.

Reliable, on-demand service

Dyslexia Check provides learning providers with a reliable, on-demand service to screen students for the condition. Once identified, learning providers can then draw up a schedule of appropriate support that will enable their dyslexic students to achieve their full potential.

James Glendenning, CEO of GMLPF comments:

“GMLPF is very pleased to be funding tpm to undertake this project. The aim of the GMLPF Challenge Fund is to support projects that enable experts like tpm to hone their expertise to make a positive difference.

“Equality of opportunity is a vital feature of our region’s training infrastructure. But many dyslexic students still go undiagnosed. This is why we’re supporting tpm‘s online facility that allows the condition to be identified, so students can go on to access the resources they are entitled to and the support they need to achieve their full potential.”

Dyslexia Check is in the first instance available exclusively to training providers who are contracted with GMLPF to deliver the Key 2 Apprenticeship programme. Other training providers who are interested in accessing the service should contact [email protected]


Setting The Standard In Securing Futures

A GMLPF member has achieved the Matrix Standard.

Riverside Learning & Education Centre has been awarded the unique Matrix quality standard in recognition of the advice and support they offer students.  The award underlines how Riverside goes above and beyond in helping individuals with career choices, learning, work and life goals.

Paul Feaver, who heads the charity, commented: ‘Many people first approach Riverside when their future is uncertain, often they are suffering exclusion or are disadvantaged in some way.  These people, many teenagers or single parents, need wrap around care to get their foot on the career ladder. Winning Matrix recognition confirms that we are experts at meeting their needs.’

Since 1979 Riverside LEC has helped thousands of people take the first steps towards a meaningful career.  The organisation puts building confidence and self-worth on an equal footing with gaining qualifications, so that the future prospects of vulnerable students are boosted.

Paul added: ‘Gaining a qualification alone is often not enough to get a job.  Our students need to believe they have the ability to achieve and to advance themselves.  They develop personal skills alongside vocational ones, so that they are not only ready to work, but to make a real difference for the employer too. That means they and their family have a more secure future, and that is what we’re all about – providing a positive future where there previously might not have been one.’