GMLPF members on RoATP

Many congratulations to the GMLPF members whose applications to the Register Of Apprenticeship Training Providers have been successful.

The GMLPF members who are now listed on RoATP are

Aspire Achieve Advance
Alder Training
Alt Valley
Andrew Collinge
Antrec Ltd
Asset Training
Aigburth Training Opportunties
Damar Ltd
DH Associates
Dianthus Ltd
Fit UK Ltd
GP Strategies
HIT Training
Hybrid Technical Services Ltd
Jamie Carragher Foundation
JM Education
JTL Training
Knowsley Community College
Learn Direct
Lite Ltd
Mercia Partnership
Michael John Academy
Mode Training
Moore Skills
Myerscough College
North Liverpool Regeneration Company
North West Community Services
North West Training College
Park Education
Progress Sports
Progress To Excellence
Riverside LEC
Rocket Training
Southport College
St Helens Chamber
St Helens College
Team Enterprises
The City Of Liverpool College
The Engineering College
The Vocational College
Three Dimensional Training Ltd
Training Strategies Ltd
TTE Training Ltd
Wirral Metropolitan College


Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers: Who will be delivering Apprenticeships from May 2017?

A new register, Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) is to be introduced and current providers are being invited to submit their views via an online survey. The consultation is open until the 5th September and GMLPF will be collating a response on behalf of its members.

Government plans propose that all organisations wanting to deliver Apprenticeship training must apply and be approved on RoATP. This is a significant change as currently, those subcontracting providers delivering less than £100,000 do not need to apply to the SFA’s present register. This will not be the case with the new system and all providers regardless of prime/subcontract status need to apply.

NB There is no automatic transfer from the SFA’s current ROTO to the new RoATP.

As part of the application process, the SFA will run a procurement for delivery of Apprenticeship training to non-levied employers and award contracts to successful employers. This is highly unlikely to be an allocation as providers have been previously used to, instead it is more likely to be a facility to allow payment of Government contributions to employers and to allow providers the ability to market their provision to employers at a scale that fits with the application process.

Under the current system (ROTO) there are a number of organisations registered that do not deliver any Apprenticeship training themselves and instead act as managing agents, intermediary bodies, brokerage organisations, etc. These organisations will not be eligible to apply for RoATP as the Government wants all employers to have direct relationships with training providers.

The proposal is to ensure that any future subcontracting arrangements meet the needs of employers and therefore it will be limited to a provider bringing in expertise to support the delivery of an Apprenticeship for an employer. It is proposed that expectation is that the main provider should deliver significantly more than half of each apprentices training. Therefore fully subcontracted delivery models will be redundant.

There are 3 application categories:

  1. Main route
  2. Supporting Route
  3. Employer Provider Route
Main Route

It is expected the vast majority of applicants will come through this route and they will do so if they:

  • Wish to be eligible for selection by levied employers to deliver apprenticeship training
  • Want to participate in SFA procurement for delivery
  • Have capacity to deliver the majority of each framework they offer
  • Want to deliver parts of Apprenticeships under a subcontractor on the main RoATP register.
Supporting Route

The Government is seeking views as to whether to create an application route for those providers who want to support a main provider’s delivery to employers. Potentially this could be an entry route into Apprenticeship delivery at a later date.

Those applying and successful via this route would not have any direct relationship with employers and so would appear on DAS as a potential provider an employer could select.

Employer Provider Route

This route is for those employers who solely want to deliver training to their own staff.

All three proposed routes would be subject to the same applicant tests and all three must be passed to appear on the register. The tests are:

  • Due diligence
  • Financial health test
  • Quality, capacity and capability
Timeline for applications

RoATP should open for applications in October 2016. Once in a steady state, the proposal is that the register will reopen every three months. Every provider must reapply every 12 months should they stay on the register.

What does it mean for providers?

All providers regardless of the provision they deliver at the moment, their contract status with the SFA needs to look at the new information released on Friday.

Providers should look at the key documents within the framework and start looking at the new funding rates for the Apprenticeship frameworks/standards that they currently deliver. In most cases the funding for the newer standards is significantly higher than corresponding older frameworks. Cost of delivery may be higher reflecting the additional funding but it is important that moving to standard delivery is a high priority for all providers.

We will support providers throughout the process and will update as and when we know more or obtain more clarification