6 step process for improving attendance

Attendance is unarguably a persistent area for improvement across all Key To Apprenticeships (K2A) delivery but there are pockets of best practice that we can learn from. K2A provider, Young Person’s Opportunities Project (YPOP) has very good rates of attendance. Anastasia Johnson, director at YPOP shares the 6 features of their no-nonsense approach to tackling absence and punctuality:


  1. Three members of staff share responsibility for addressing morning attendance: the office manager, the pastoral care manager, and an administrative assistant.
  2. The administrative assistance visits every class at the centre by 9.15am each day to see which students are missing
  3. The office manager phones the off-site training centres to check if any students haven’t arrived by 9.15am
  4. The parents or carers of students who have not arrived are informed by phone
  5. If there is no response from the parent/carer, the pastoral care manager carries out a home visit
  6. Students who are absent without just good reason are sent a letter which informs them that they will lose their place if they do not improve. This letter is sent to their home address which gets the parents/carers on side.

These methods mimic procedures at school and may seem regimented but they produce the desired results for YPOP.

What works for you? If you’ve got tips for tackling absence, or want to share your thoughts on what works and what doesn’t, please comment below.

Vocational route secures bright future for Abbie after troubled school days

A vocational training programme and a supportive learning provider have helped Abbie turn her life around after a difficult time at school.

Abbey was referred to Young Persons Opportunities Project (YPOP) in 2006 by her school, Gateacre Comprehensive, who have a long term partnership with the Speke-based training centre. Abbie was in year 10 but her attendance at school had become very poor due to a difficult family situation. She began to avoid school, losing most of her friends, and she ended up becoming very isolated.

Training and support

In close consultation with Abbie and her school, YPOP drew up a programme of training and support to help her develop skills and build her confidence. At first it was difficult for Abbie to get into a routine of attending YPOP training centre as she had spent so much time at home. Her motivation was low as she had missed so much school work and felt quite hopeless. But gradually, with the support of YPOP staff, she started to get her life back together, and achieved NVQs levels 1, 2 and 3 in Business Administration and Customer Service.


Abbie is now employed by YPOP as an administrator and NVQ Assessor. She is currently studying for the ATT accountancy qualifications, and aims to eventually go to university to become a fully qualified accountant.

It was not an easy journey for Abbie but she has applied herself with the support and encouragement of YPOP staff:

“My turning point was when I started to trust staff at YPOP who kept telling me I was intelligent and capable. I have achieved and succeeded beyond what I thought was possible,” she says.

Young Persons Opportunities Project has been delivering vocational courses to young people for over 22 years. They offer vocational courses and quality training and support to young people and aim to increase educational achievement and develop life skills and personal potential.

They currently offer a study programme for 16 to 19 year olds, which prepares students for employment, apprenticeships, further education and training. Some students will be entitled to a bursary and bus pass. They offer courses in the following areas:

  • Childcare: The Childcare Diploma for Children and Young Peoples Workforce is offered at Level 2 and 3
  • Construction: The construction related courses are accredited by EDI; this is for the Skills for Working Life in Brick & Joinery, and CAA (The Construction Award Alliance) for the higher level BCO course.
  • Horticulture: Students grow vegetables, plants, flowers, fruits and learn about the importance of composting.
  • National Maths, English and ITC Functional skills. This year they will also offer the IGCSE in Maths and English
  • Customer Service at NVQ Levels 1, 2 & 3.
  • ICT: Diploma in IT, and entry level ICT

YPOP are currently recruiting onto their training courses. For further information contact 0151 233 2078