Traineeships case studies wanted

A national PR campaign promoting traineeships to employers and young people is currently underway to

• build the credibility of traineeships at a national and regional level

• outline the business benefits of traineeships and how they help ensure employers have access to capable employees in the future

• stress the corporate social responsibility benefits of traineeships and how the programme aligns with the national drive to reduce youth unemployment

The 2 employer messages being used are:

‘Unlock the great potential of young people with traineeships’

‘Traineeships are a stepping-stone to future success for young people, businesses and the wider economy’

The campaign is using all media channels, reaching regional, national, further education, human resource, trade, regional and social media, including Google Search, Facebook ads and the Twitter profile @TraineeshipsGov.

Case studies

Case studies are an integral element of the campaign, so any members who have success stories should contact [email protected] as they may be suitable for use in media opportunities and also for possible ministerial visits.