PIF Tender Opportunity 29: Mental Health Training For Leaders & Managers

GMLPF is looking for an experienced supplier to deliver mental health training for leaders and managers.

Leaders and managers play a vital role in ensuring that organisational culture and policies support learners with mental health issues. Critically, they also play a key role in supporting the mental health of themselves and their employees.

To date, GMLPF has provided a range of mental health training courses to LCR learning providers via the Provider Improvement Fund. However, there has been no training specifically for leaders and managers. This tender opportunity addresses that gap.

The training should:

  • Support leaders and managers of learning providers to become mental health ambassadors in their own right and improve their knowledge and understanding of the broad spectrum of mental health conditions.
  • Support leaders and managers to lead this critical issue and develop and promote excellent mental health and wellbeing policies and practices to support learners and staff.
  • Equip leaders and senior managers to improve their understanding of how their own mental health can be affected and how to best support this.

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The closing date for this tender opportunity is 14 November 2022.