LSIP Information Workshops

Covering 38 areas, of which Liverpool City Region (LCR) is one, Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) provide an agreed set of actionable priorities that employers, providers and other stakeholders in a local area can get behind to drive change. It is important that providers understand what is emerging from the LSIP and use that information to shape their education and training programmes to best meet the needs of employers.

LSIPs are designed to place employers at the centre of the skills system. They provide a unique local mechanism to shine a spotlight on the actual workplace skills employers need most.

Over the last two years, the LCR LSIP, led by the LCR Chambers locally, has driven an in-depth and focused consultation with business, engaging with a broad range of employers to have their say in shaping the future skills development and training in the Liverpool City Region.

The sectoral focus of Wave 1 research was upon: Advanced Manufacturing, Construction, Warehousing & Logistics, Professional Business Services and Visitor Economy.

The sectoral focus of Wave 2 research has widened to include: Health and Care, Early Years, Green Skills and Jobs, Freeport, Health and Life Sciences.

Working with St Helens Chamber GMLPF is looking to run 4 LSIP Information Workshops over the 6th and 7th March, enabling learning providers to drop in and learn more about the LCR LSIP, the research and finding out about the skills and recruitment needs of employers locally.

Why Attend?

Whether you are delivering Study Programme, Apprenticeships, AEB, Bootcamps or other programmes or wish to improve your CEIAG offer these sessions will be relevant to you.

The workshops will cover the findings of the first wave of LSIP research that was undertaken last year, the emerging findings (and changing nature of employer need) from this year’s survey and also provide an update on the local labour market, drawing upon local labour market data and information. Taken together, providers will be able to get a unique insight into the needs of employers locally and the skills most needed to support economic growth and boost productivity in the City Region. This information will help you adapt existing or develop new provision to meet employer needs.

Who Should Attend?

GMLPF would encourage providers to attend, sending staff who lead on business engagement and/or curriculum design.

2 of the 4 workshops will have a sectoral focus and 2 will look at the wider economy. The LSIP Information Workshops will take place at the offices of GMLPF.

Book now

Please choose which workshops suit you best and click on the red BOOK links below:

Wednesday 6th March

WORKSHOP 1 9.30 –  11.30am – Focus on Wave 1 – Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing and Wave 2 sectors BOOK

WORKSHOP 2 1.00 to 3.00 pm – General Overview of Wave 1 and 2 Research Findings BOOK

Thursday 7th March

WORKSHOP 3 9.30 –  11.30am – – Focus on Wave 1 – Warehousing and Logistics, Professional and Business Services and Visitor Economy and Wave 2 sectors BOOK

WORKSHOP 4 1.00 to 3.00 pm – General Overview of Wave 1 and 2 Research Findings BOOK