Local Skills Improvement Plan

Research: What employers say about LCR skills

Liverpool City Region’s five Chambers of Commerce conducted an in-depth consultation, encouraging as many businesses as possible to have their say in shaping the future skills development and training in the Liverpool City Region. Employers are in the best position to shed the light on the skills that local industry needs but cannot source in the region.

​These valuable insights provided and are continuing to provide insight into the skills in demand to support economic growth and boost productivity in the region.

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Research: Live survey link

Research is ongoing thanks to a live link which continually updates data. Please share the link with as many employers as possible in the Liverpool City Region. The more employers that respond, the clearer picture we get of skills needs in the region. Training provision can be developed to meet these needs.

Live survey link

Report: Liverpool City Region Local Skills Improvement Plan

This is the report that was produced based on the findings of the extensive employer research conducted by the Liverpool City Region Chambers of Commerce. It outlines employer requirements in the region and sets out recommendations and priorities.

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Liverpool City Region LSIP Conference January 2024

The Liverpool City Region (LCR) Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) Conference stood as a dynamic platform dedicated to the exploration and advancement of essential skills shaping our collective future. The primary focus was to identify and discuss the challenges, and opportunities linked to skills crucial to the success of the evolving landscape of all industries/sectors

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