Key benefits of having a green champion

More businesses and organisations are realising that sustainability is no longer simply an add-on to the company’s main objectives. Rather it is becoming one of the main underpinning strategies of most successful commercial and public sector enterprises. Because of this, we are seeing more roles created for staff dedicated to sustainability and the green agenda. Here are some of the benefits to learning providers of appointing a dedicated green champion:

  • Having someone who takes responsibility for this core area of business and can provide management information on a regular basis to inform sustainability strategies.
  • Saving costs for the organisation including reduced energy expenditure, reduced use of paper, increased recycling.
  • Social value clause in tenders: having someone who monitors and reports on organisational sustainability activities regularly and can therefore provide relevant information to include in tenders when this type of evidence is required.
  • Increased staff engagement in sustainability initiatives, providing a focus for staff which can lead to increased performance and better team morale.
  • It can be a great selling point for the business – demonstrating that the organisation takes sustainability seriously and is aware of its environmental impact.
  • Enhanced reputation both locally and nationally as an organisation which invests in sustainability activities.