Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK) Update

GMLPF has successfully completed this year’s Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK) programme. We have partnered with local schools, colleges, and learning providers in Halton, Liverpool, Sefton, and St Helens to promote Apprenticeships, Traineeships, and T Levels.

By July 2023, we will have achieved the following:

  • Collaborated with 49 schools, colleges, and other providers to explain the benefits of the ASK programme and the available support, surpassing our target of 41.
  • Conducted 128 activities, exceeding our goal of 115.
  • Engaged with 6,150 students.
  • Assisted 630 individuals in registering on the Find an Apprenticeship service.

While arrangements for next year are uncertain, we are confident that we can continue the programme. We are awaiting confirmation on the programme’s size and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Everything you need to know about our ASK offer:

  • Who is ASK for?
    We can work with schools, colleges, and learning providers who work with learners aged 14-19. Any students who are not on an Apprenticeship programme are eligible for support. We can also work with providers offering alternative curriculum programmes, Study Programmes, and Traineeships.
  • What is the ASK offer?
    We offer a wide variety of activities, including assemblies, presentations, careers fairs, parent evenings, teacher professional development, FAA registration workshops, mock interviews, and customized activities. Best of all, they are all free.
  • When are ASK activities on offer?
    Our contract year runs from August to July, aligning with the academic calendar. We can accommodate activities during term time to suit the needs of schools and colleges.
  • Why does ASK exist?
     Many 14-18 year-olds lack awareness of apprenticeships, resulting in fewer young people pursuing this path. Additionally, Ofsted prioritizes career guidance and awareness of next steps and progression options. The ASK programme can supplement existing career guidance initiatives and demonstrate that providers offer a comprehensive programme, ultimately boosting apprenticeship starts.

If you want to learn more about accessing support from the ASK programme, please email [email protected]