QAR Data 2020-21

The hard close for 2020-21 learning data is 21 October 2021. GMLPF would urge members to check their indicative QAR data to verify if it is accurate and in line with what they anticipated.

Some members have been contacting GMLPF reporting that provisional QAR data up to the end of R12 is, in some cases, not what they expected. In most cases, this is down on, but in some cases above, what they had expected.

ESFA encourages providers to continue reviewing in-year QAR dashboards based on R12 available now via the View Your Education Data portal. These provide indicative QARs for apprenticeships, education and training and traineeships, and the opportunity to identify and resolve potential data issues before the ILR R14 hard close on 21 October 2021.

Although the final data may improve or change, with additional data being loaded for subsequent periods R13 and 14, there is an opportunity to review the data currently, check its accuracy and raise queries with the ESFA before Hard Close.

It is essential to review your ILR data before you make your final R14 submission. You will not be able to amend your 2020 to 2021 data after the R14 hard close.