Labour Market Update – Vacancies and Hard to Fill Positions

GMLPF held a series of small workshops earlier this summer to understand the state of the labour and learning market. We want to thank everyone who attended. In particular, we wanted to find out if there is a hard-to-fill vacancy issue, and if so, whether it is general or sector-specific. Also, we wanted to explore which factors influence the number of vacancies.

This snapshot of feedback from GMLPF members highlights the scale of the issue locally and the reasons behind the substantial number of vacancies.

In addition, the LCR CA commissioned some research into vacancy type and have produced a helpful overview of findings.

The research undertaken by the CA revealed that three-quarters of all vacancies were full-time vacancies. Data also revealed a broad salary spectrum, from £7,280 minimum to a maximum of £90,860. Employers were offering an average salary of £23,090.