PIF Tender Opportunity UTN18: Quality Assurance & Improvement Bootcamps

GMLPF wishes to procure two challenging and stimulating Bootcamp-style programmes to help learning providers better understand EIF and raise standards in the delivery of learning across LCR.

This opportunity is looking for a supplier to deliver the bootcamps to two individual providers based and operating in the Liverpool City Region. At this point, these providers deliver Apprenticeship, AEB and Study Programme based provision.

Our intention is that the “bootcamp” style programmes will:

  • Be inclusive and involve a broader cross-section of personnel than might usually have been the case in the past, i.e. beyond the SLT and Nominee
  • Build a better understanding of the EIF across the whole organisation, i.e. involve more trainers, curriculum leads, members of Governance Boards etc. who might previously have been less involved in an inspection or quality assurance work
  • Be fun and practical – including the use of break out groups, role-play, group tasks and work
  • Be challenging and help highlight areas where quality improvement is required
  • Provide an in-depth insight into the Education Inspection Framework (highlighting the fundamental changes from the last framework with a specific focus on the deep dive and reflect any updates published by Ofsted in 2021)
  • Assist participants in challenging perceptions and supporting greater self-reflection, understanding the shift in focus and approach to inspection, and driving forward and improving internal quality assurance arrangements.
  • Support inter-provider networking and sharing of good practice

Please download the tender documentation for further information.


It has come to our attention that, down to a minor administration error, a box was left in the original costing section of the UTN 18 tender response documentation asking potential suppliers to cost for aftercare or follow up training. This is not a requirement of the tender as we are not anticipating any follow up training being delivered. Please cost your proposal on the basis of the delivery of 2 x 2 day Bootcamp programmes within the budgetary window indicated in the tender documentation with no need to deliver follow up training.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Ian on 07840 378218

Deadline: Friday 11th March 2022 5pm

Tender Documentation:

PIF Tender UTN 18 Quality Assurance & Improvement Bootcamps

PIF Tender Response UTN 18 Quality Assurance & Improvement Bootcamps

PIF Tender References UTN 18 Quality Assurance & Improvement Bootcamps

PIF Tender Evaluation Methodology